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Form and Class for iOS. Launch 8.1.19


Helping you find the form and class horse.

Race Card

Save time analysing race cards

  • Each rating highlights the top 50% of field.
  • Quickly see if horse has won at race course, race class, distance and going.
  • Reduce the time to read horse's form with LTO rating, which rates the horse's last performance.
  • lb rating calculates how much the horse is carrying, without having to do this manually for every horse.
  • Horse

    Find the form and class horse

  • Visually filter horse's worth looking at, by the number of ratings highlighted.
  • The ratings will help you balance each horse on performance and consistancy.
  • High and large differences in ratings can confirm the form and class horse.
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    Horse racing analysis to help you find the form and class horse in a race.